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Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord Christopher Monckton

The High Priest of Bunkum, British hereditary peer, Lord Christopher Monckton, third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, compared Ross Garnaut to a Nazi and claimed global warming a communist plot hatched by Hitler Youth.  Other flights of fancy include his claims of inventing a cure for HIV, multiple sclerosis, flu and Graves disease.  His delusional fantasies have resulted in the House of Lords publishing a “cease and desist” letter on its website demanding Monckton stop claiming to be a member of the upper house.

Unlike Australia’s ABC where he is treated as an “expert” absent any science qualifications, his only appearance on the BBC was being lampooned in a skit “Meet the Skeptics” after which the mad Monckton pursued an unsuccessful injunction against the BBC in the High Court.

Skeptical Science lists over 75 “Monckton Myths”.