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Professor Ian Plimer

Ian Plimer is a mining geologist and Director of six mining companies.

The mining lobby, desperate to stop any regulation on carbon emissions and having failed to convert intelligent grownups to climate skepticism are now taking aim at our children!    Climate skeptic and mining geologist, Plimer’s new book is “How to Get Expelled from School” targetting school children and teachers. According to Plimer:

“these children are being fed environmental propaganda and these children are too young to be fed ideology” (YouTube)

Does the book’s name ring a bell?  The anti-scientific film entitled “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” was trotted by those crazies, the creationists, in the U.S. to try to stop the teaching of Darwin’s theory of evolution in American schools.  In the days when Plimer used to have some credibility and a moral compass, he campaigned against the creationists. Now he’s apeing their tactics.

Plimer does very nicely from the mining industry which has set him up for a very comfortable retirement.  He is a director of mining companies Ivanhoe Australia, Silver City Minerals and the UK-listed Kefi Minerals, and is chairman of TNT Mines.  More recently, thanks to his benefactor, Gina Rinehart, he has joined two of her boards:  Queensland Coal and Roy Hill Mining.  He was reputed to earn more than $350,000 in director’s fees and shares – that was before he was appointed to the two recent Rinehart boards – a lot more than he receives from the University of Adelaide.

The book was launched by Australia’s skeptic factory, the Institute of Public Affairs.