John Howard – Lying Lazarus

John Howard’s latest lies about the Iraq War remind us of his deep dishonesty and give the Government a new avenue to attack the Opposition

Cartoon Howard to Abbottport-fazzari-620x349

cartoon republished with kind permission of Rocco Fazzari and the Sydney Morning Herald

TONY ABBOTT is channelling his mentor, John Howard, in declaring the coming election to be about “trust”. But how sound is this for a campaign strategy? Howard and trust parted company when we found out Australia had invaded Iraq on the basis of a lie.

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Clever or just cunning?

Do you have the feeling you are being conned, made a fool of – a sop?  Well, you’re not alone. PR spin doctors have teamed up with all manner of political, ideological and corporate interests to sway your opinion on just about any subject you’d like to mention.  Just when you thought your thoughts and opinions were your own, experts tell us that we are being coerced, unwittingly, to put others’ interests before our own. Continue reading

Deception is our Product

Deceiving the public these days is a lucrative industry with astroturfing and other socially engineered forms of brainwashing predicted to saturate the Australian media.

Experienced PR practitioners now cajole and co-erced you to sacrifice your interests for those of their clients.  And the biggest clients are those with the biggest war chest and the most to fear – the fossil fuel industry. Continue reading