How MSM Flog Blogs, including Mine!

Bloggers stealing their stories from the mainstream media? If my (Sandi Keane‘s) experiences are any guide, the opposite is more likely to be true (see the full colour presentation with video of the ad on Independent Australia)

MAINSTREAM MEDIA constantly spin the line that online journalists are plagiarists, who – while they wear out “boot-leather” chasing stories – simply re-shovel their hard-earned efforts.

Well, in my experience, the boot is quite often on the other foot.

I’m an online journalist who likes to break stories.  My view is ― why bother to write if you aren’t the first or don’t have an original angle? And I break stories regularly ― through hard, painstaking, detailed, time-consuming – often quite expensive – investigative reporting.

Anyway, this week the mainstream media appropriated my hard-earned investigative efforts without any attribution at all. And this is far from the first time this has happened to me. Continue reading


Winning hearts & minds … with smoke & mirrors

Energy giant Santos’s quest to win the hearts and minds of New South Wales farming communities has backfired after one of its TV ads was exposed as a con.  This story was first published in New Matilda on 6 November 2012 and in Independent Australia on 7 November, 2012.

Santos ad

When Don Hubbard sat down to relax during spring this year after a day’s canola harvesting, he was shocked to see his property and that of his neighbours, Ben and Phoebe Clift, featured in a Santos coal seam gas (CSG) ad on the TV.

Warwick Moppett, Landholder and Farming Consultant, Santos Continue reading