The Ugly Landscape of the Guardians

Have you been suffering from stress lately? Feeling exhausted, irritable? Losing sleep? Kids declared a jihad on school?

It could be you’re suffering Wind Turbine Syndrome, according to the Waubra Foundation.

Symptoms claimed include sleep problems, headaches, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, anxiety, anger, irritability, depression, tinnitus, concentration problems – and a new one – children refusing to go to school!

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Skeptical Science wins the Eureka!

A Queensland physicist’s war on global warming skeptics has seen him win the 2011 Eureka Prize for Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge.

John Cook is a Research Fellow in climate communications at the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute.

Cook’s war on global-warming deniers began in 2007 with his website, Skeptical Science.  His idea was simple: “to make peer-reviewed science the ultimate authority”. Continue reading

CSI Meets Illegal Loggers

Australian timber company, Simmonds Lumber Group, has taken the lead in helping stamp out the $30 billion illegal logging industry using the ultimate weapon against wrong-doers:  DNA.

The company’s announcement came this week as the federal government’s Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill 2011 passed the House of Representatives.  The bill bans the importation and sale of any wooden products that contain illegally logged timber.

Simmonds Lumber now uses innovative DNA technology developed by the University of Adelaide and Singapore-based DoubleHelix Tracking Technologies.  Just a few wood shavings can provide the tree’s entire history and its source sidelining any would-be fraudsters.

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The Institute of Public Smokescreens

There’s nothing much that’s public about the Institute of Public Affairs.

… not its affairs.

… and certainly not its financial affairs.

Apart from a few lapses of discipline over the years or an unavoidable moment of truth-telling in response to some teeth pulling by the Productivity Commission, the IPA is shy about revealing its funding sources.

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Deception is our Product

Deceiving the public these days is a lucrative industry with astroturfing and other socially engineered forms of brainwashing predicted to saturate the Australian media.

Experienced PR practitioners now cajole and co-erced you to sacrifice your interests for those of their clients.  And the biggest clients are those with the biggest war chest and the most to fear – the fossil fuel industry. Continue reading